What Is Shea Butter Olein?

Shea Butter Olein is obtained by fractionation of Shea Nuts Butter. Natural Shea Butter oil is liquid when stored at room temperatures and its main use is to be added to pour and melt and is also useful in lotions, delicate eye lotions as well as creams and its main properties include being good for use as a lubricating oil and it can also be added to massage oils.

Best Properties Of Shea Butter

The beauty of using organic shea butter olein is that it contains the best properties of  shea butter and it is generally obtained through the fractionation of  Shea Butter in which the liquid, Shea Olein, is separated from the solid, Shea Butter.

Nevertheless, shea nuts butter oil has a melting point that is low and should also be used when a particular formulation must have liquids in it rather than butters and good examples include creams, gels, liquid soaps as well as processes that take place at room temperature.

Shea butter oil can be well used as ingredient for cosmetics since it contains a lot of unsaponifiables and also has properties to absorb ultra violet rays and there are also essential fatty acid triglycerides as well.

In fact, Shea Butter Oil finds usage in sun care as well as products for after sun care and it is also used in body and hand lotions as well as in depilatory preparations and for shaving as too for first aid creams and even finds use in liniments, bath oil rubs and in ointments and even more.

Other Sheabutter Uses And Products

However, Shea Olein is also used as a cooking oil especially in the African nations and it may also used to keep away stretch marks during pregnancy and it also has uses as a means to heal the wounds and it is used to treat chapped and dry skins, eczema as well as for healing burns and even for normal baby oil.

One of the better shea butter oil products that are available on the market today is shea butter oil sheen spray.

Shea Butter Oil Sheen Spray is a product worth considering and it is made from essential oils as also Shea Butter in its purest form, and it is used to make your hair give off a natural shine as well as remain healthy, and it replaces vital oils in your hair to give best results. It is thus ideally suited for natural styles and also to give a finished look to hair that have been chemically treated or pressed or even to permed hair.