An Easy Shea Butter Recipe

Create Your Own Moisturizing Soap With this easy homemade Shea Butter Recipe. When it comes to having a great skin and hair, one of the most popular ingredients that you will find on most “all-natural” products, especially those said to be moisturizing and hydrating are infused with Shea Butter.

And since most of the people now would rather go "organic" or buy products that were derived from natural ingredients instead of those that were chemically formulated, the Shea Butter beauty and personal care product industry have been booming overseas. But the quality of Shea Butter products varies, and there are imitators out there that do not use real Shea Butter but claim to.

To ensure that you are getting a quality Shea Butter product, you should learn how to create your own soap through a whipped Shea Butter soap recipe.

Here is a great Shea Butter soap recipe that would guarantee that you will get all the moisturizing and hydrating benefits of Shea Butter soaps for you to have a great looking skin that is smooth to the touch.

What You Will Need

One of the first things that you will need on your Shea Butter soap recipe to make the kind of soap that will be good for dry skin is:

  • one ounce of castor oil
  • nine ounces of coconut oil
  • six ounces of grade A olive oil
  • four ounces of palm oil
  • two ounces of Shea Butter
  • twenty-two ounces of sunflower seed oil.

Pour the water into a large mixing bowl and carefully add lye to it while mixing it well and after which, you could combine all the oils that were needed for the soap. Just be sure that you will do the mixing and melting of all the ingredients in an open space since the fumes may give off irritating and strong smell.

Begin establishing the emulsion and once that you see that they were all blended well; allow the mixture to rest for five minutes and now, you could mold the soap to your favorite molder. Allow one to three days before taking the soap off the mold and let it cure in a cool dry area.

Aside from having a dry skin, this simple Shea Butter recipe is also good for those people who may be suffering from dry, cracked skin or for those who may have skin eczema. So take advantage of this Shea Butter soap recipe and start creating for a business or personal use, or to make a thoughtful gift.

Shea Butter Recipe