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Shea Butter Whipped

The Agent with the Whipped Shea Butter |

I have this experience with using whipped shea butter. When I was still working as a full time agent in a cellphone service company, I used shea butter for my skin due to the stress that made my skin dry and pale looking. …

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This shea butter recipe is very simple and easy to recreate. More recipes are available on


Homemade Bath Products: Lip Balm/Lip Butter Recipe Guidelines

BASIC LIP BALM This is a recipe to get you started. Remember that you can be creative & alternate oils & butters to formulate your favorite recipe. 1 oz Beeswax 1.1 oz Shea Butter, refined 1.1 oz Cocoa Butter, deodorized 3.3 oz Castor …

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Benefits Of Shea Butter

Shea butter benefits both you AND your pet! Find out how (& where to find pet-friendly shea products) here! #Pets #dogs

By earthbath_pet at 07/22/2010 18:00

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Shea Butter Stretch Marks

Where to get Natural Hair Care Products & the Shea Butter Mix that WILL Fade Stretch Marks

For all of you that ask where I get my products, thanks for asking! This is for you. Also, I did what TonyaTKO said and the stretch marks ARE fading! FOR REAL!

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