Where You Can Find Pure African Shea Butter

Pure African Shea Butter is a wonderful product that you can use at anytime. In particular, it is ideal when you use Shea Butter moisturizers to treat Itchy Eczema or when you are pregnant, because it helps prevent stretch marks and rashes by helping to firm and moisturize the skin.

If you are interested in getting West African or East African sheabutter products, then health stores in real life and online are going to be your best bet, because they are most likely to offer the most variety.

What Is African Shea Butter?

Raw Shea Butter is a solid type of oil that is made from the nuts of the karite (or shea) trees, which grow in the semi-arid regions of West Africa and Central Africa. It is non-toxic and incredibly beneficial, and is often used in foods and cooking as well as in shampoos and soaps and various different beauty products.

Pure Shea Butter can be found in three different types, derived from three different types of extractions. Raw or unrefined extraction uses water and the color ranges from cream to grayish yellow, which is the original color of Shea Butter. Refined Shea Butter is more highly processed, but many of its natural components are still intact. Finally, there is a highly refined or processed solvents of pure white Shea Butter which are used to increase the yield.

Agbanga Karite

This is one of the best websites you buy from, because they offer pure, unrefined Shea Butter, virgin coconut oil, and African black soap at wholesale quantities. Like many other African sheabutter companies, they actually handcraft their Shea Butter and soaps in Togo under Fair Trade and organic standards. Their direct involvement in the entire African Shea Butter-making process ensures not only products of the highest quality, but is made without harming workers or the environment.

Sheaterra Organics

At this website for African sheabutter, Sheaterra Organics’ mission is to provide healing, high quality holistic products that help patients by doing good for their soul and body. They are constantly striving to make products that are safe for human health and environment, and are constantly bettering themselves as African sheabutter company.

Emages Beauty

This is yet another great option that you have for African Shea Butter products. They are a Houston-based company that features respected educators and innovators in the beauty industry. Emages Beauty has created a wonderful and successful company that offers a variety of beauty products including professional makeup, professional and amateur skin care products, dental teeth whitening products, bath time luxury bath and body products, and more.

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