Learning How To Heat Shea Butter

If you want to learn how to heat Shea butter then you should know that there are certain steps you should follow, in order to maintain the preserves that are so beneficial rather than cooking them out. If you are interested in heating Shea butter, then you will want to read on to find out the proper method.

Shea butter is a natural product that is able to offer a bevy of benefits, namely for the skin. You will notice the following changes in your skin if you use Shea butter regularly: balanced oil production, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, increased suppleness and smoothness, increased circulation of blood to the face for a more youthful glow, and improved cellular turnover of dead skin for radiant complexion.

By heating Shea butter you can make Shea butter products yourself to use on your skin, and the results are so incredible that you will almost be able to notice them immediately after first use.

How to Heat Shea Butter

The first step involved when it comes to the matter of heating Shea butter is to set up a broiler, as you would melt chocolate in, and use this to melt the Shea butter. Just make sure that you keep the heat at a minimal level as to not burn the Shea butter and never leave the room because it will only take a few moments for the butter to heat up until it is finished.

But… make sure you add as little heat as possible, because heat affects your shea butter grade, since heat always promotes rancidity and oxidation.

Shea Butter Products

If you would rather just spend a bit of extra money and purchase already made Shea butter products, then there are a few different companies you are going to want to check out.

The Shea Butter Shop, for one, is a great option, and they offer a wonderful selection of pure African Shea butter products, all of which are offered at excellent prices.

A few of their offered products are:

  • Afrikan Beauty’s Black Soap,
  • Afrikan Beauty’s Pure Shea Butter Lotion,
  • All Naturals 100% Pure Shea Butter,
  • All Naturals Oil-O-Shea Body Wash, and
  • All Naturals Shea Butter Hand and Body Moisturizer.

Karite Gold is another great option for Shea Butter products, and their formulas have been tested and tried and offer unequalled skin moisturizing, clinically proven anti-aging properties, stretch mark prevention and minimization, protection against inflammations, and rapid healing for burns.

If you decide to buy rather than make your Shea Butter products, then just make sure that the preserves have been kept in the Shea butter so that you can receive as plentiful of benefits as possible.

Shea Butter Recipe