Organic Shea Butter – The First Choice To Care For Your Skin

Organic Shea Butter should be the first choice for you when it comes to taking care of your delicate skin and you can also take heart from the fact that it has been used with great success for many thousands of years for moisturizing, and also for healing as well as conditioning the skin.

In fact, pure organic Shea Butter requires performing a few things in order to keep it fresh at all times including making sure that the product itself is fresh when you buy it.

Expect A Smell

If you buy organic sheabutter that is unrefined, you can expect it to have a smell to it for which you may be quite unprepared for, though once you get over your initial qualms you should realize that this smell is part of the natural Shea Butter because it has not been refined.

If you find that there is no smell, you can be sure that it has been refined with chemicals and heating so as to remove its entire odor which will only result in removing all or most of its powers to heal as well.

Next, you should look at the color of organic Shea Butter which in its pure, raw, virgin, unrefined form looks yellow or even gold and there may also be present some tinges of green while its smell will be similar to that of nuts.

The smell emanates from the Shea nut along with the process of roasting that it has been through though it should not smell bad which would indicate that your organic sheabutter product has become old and rancid.

You must also keep the pure organic Shea Butter at about room temperature and keeping it in very warm temperature is not recommended which will only help turn it rancid.

Instead of solid Shea Butter, you can use Shea Butter Olein or Shea Butter Oil

Amazing Therapeutic Properties

Now-a-days, use of organic sheabutter has become very popular and this popularity can be attributed to its many natural benefits and it may also be an offshoot from the age old practice of making your own natural skin care products.

If you can use oatmeal as facial care means or cucumber for making the skin refreshed then it only follows that using organic sheabutter is a logical next step in that direction.

Using organic Shea Butter helps in maintaining the natural beauty of the skin and also makes you lead a healthy life because you should feel much more fulfilled when you don’t rely totally on synthetic products or methods including those known as chemical peels.

And, the best part about using unrefined organic Shea Butter is that it has therapeutic effect and it helps in calming the user as well as her skin.

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