Preventing Stretch Marks With Shea Butter Solution

Preventing Stretch Marks is one of the prime reasons why many women use Shea Butter Stretch Marks solution. Shea Butter is a cream that is naturally rich in Vitamins A, E and F. It is derived from the Shea tree seed. Ideally, this cream should be processed from the nut without any chemical uses or process. Shea Butter can help improve the appearance of scars, vergetures and other skin disorders.

Shea Butter cream for striae on the skin is a common product available in the market. To be sure of the quality of your Shea Butter cream, it is best to get one that is not more than a year old.

What’s So Great About Shea Butter?

Shea Butter promotes elasticity in our skin due to the abundance in Vitamin A in it. Other ingredients are sometimes added to pure Shea Butter to help promote supple and elastic skin but research has found that Shea Butter alone can do wonders for skin elasticity. Many beauty and skin experts recommend using a Shea Butter cream at least three times a day to help fade the appearance of striae on the skin.

Shea Butter lotions and Shea Butter creams work to help stretch mark prevention or make vergetures appear less. Stretch marks usually appear when there is a rapid increase in weight. This is common during pregnancy. Some pregnant women apply Shea Butter stretch marks cream even before their belly starts to get bigger. This makes the skin more elastic and supple. It also helps the skin be more accommodating to stretching and increase in weight and bulk.

Other Uses For Shea Butter

Other than preventing stretch marks, Shea Butter also has other uses, which include skin disorders and superficial scars or wounds. Another not so known use of Shea Butter is for the hair. It basically functions the same way for the hair as it does for our skin. Although, the formulation of Shea Butter stretch marks cream may be slightly different from Shea Butter hair repair cream, the function is the same.

Application of Shea Butter on the hair can reduce brittleness, and revitalize the scalp and hair without clogging up any pores.

Shea Butter is a very sought after product that is very important to the African nations that grow shea nut trees. It is also used as cooking oil and, in Europe, as a substitute for cocoa butter in making gourmet chocolates.

So, Shea Butter is good for the outside and the inside of your skin.

Shea Butter Benefits