Unrefined Shea Butter For Skin And Hair

Pure Unrefined Shea Butter has not gone through any process that may ultimately take away the properties that are important to the people. Raw Shea butter comes from the Karite tree commonly found in most parts of Africa. It has plenty of wonderful properties that make it very sought after.

The primary use for organic Shea Butter is for moisturizing and emollients. As Shea Butter food, it is still used in Africa as cooking oil and for tribal ceremonies. Many communities in Africa depend on the Shea Butter trade to support them and their tribes.

Cosmetic use of whipped Shea Butter has prompted the production of more raw Shea Butter. The demand for it is great enough that sometimes manufacturers of the cream mix in other ingredients and elements to offset the cost and make the Shea Butter more than what they have.

These additives or fragrances are simply there to add to the amount of Shea Butter but not all additives are useful or needed. 100% pure Unrefined Sheabutter does not need additives to work well and properly on people.

Two Kinds Of Shea Butter

There are two primary forms of Shea Butter, the refined and unrefined. Refined Shea Butter is the form of butter that has gone through chemical processing. The procedure strips away the natural Shea Butter color and aroma of the pure Shea Butter.

Most of the time, not only the aroma and color of the Shea Butter cream is taken away but also the natural healing properties are stripped off. Many people prefer the processed Shea Butter because sometimes the aroma can be strong and earthy.

Compared to unrefined Shea Butter, refined Shea Butter goes through a chemical process that exposes the product to dangerous chemical such as hexane. Hexane is a derivative from petroleum that can bring harm to our skin.

Hexane is commonly used to refine Sheabutter hence the alarm of some people as compounds of this harmful chemical can be left in the refined Shea Butter.

On the other hand, unrefined Sheabutter is always guaranteed to contain the natural properties that many people are looking for. Among these properties are being able to heal superficial wounds quickly and also soothe sunburn and other skin disorders.

Unrefined raw Shea Butter still has a lot of its medicinal and healing properties since it has not undergone processing which is supposed to strip these away.

Using unrefined Shea Butter is much more advantageous than using refined Shea Butter.

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