Benefits of Shea Butter Body Wash

With the Shea Butter Body wash for the bath and body, you will notice an improvement in regards to the condition of your skin within a few weeks. Your rough elbows and knees will appear softer and any dry, flaky skin will soon become a memory.

Shea Butter is likely one of the most widely wondered about and beneficial ingredients in many cosmetic and spa products. Shea Butter is harvested from the nuts of a Shea or Karite tree that is only grown in Africa. The fresh, unrefined version is most beneficial to you but there are still some great qualities when products such as Shea Butter body wash are produced.

Medicinal Qualities

The Shea Butter has quite a few medicinal qualities that make it a superior skin treatment for a number of conditions like allergies, eczema, sunburn, wrinkles, dry skin, shaving skin bumps and even acne. Chock full of vitamin A, it is a natural skin conditioner plus the fatty acids in it provide beneficial healing properties. It is all of these things and more that make sheabutter body wash a prime choice for your beauty care needs in the shower or bathtub.

Another great benefit for Shea Butter is that is has a handy component called cinnamic acid which serves as a natural UV barrier against the sun. While it is no means a substitute for sunblock, the Shea Butter is helpful in keeping the skin supple and is just an overall boost of extra protection. Therefore, when you shower with a sheabutter body wash, your entire body, even the parts that the sun never sees are a layer of protection from the UV rays as well as wrinkles, allergies, rashes and more.

Effectiveness With Other Ingredients

Researchers say that Shea Butter in its rawest form is best because you will get the most beneficial properties from it. This is true; but the natural nutty smell of Shea Butter does not do much to attract people. However, when mixed in with nice smelling essential oil like lavender then it becomes an effective and desirable Shea Butter body wash.

If you are unsure about whether the Sheabutter body wash that you have chosen in the store will be beneficial to you, check the ingredients list. For the best beauty product, the first ingredient should always be Shea Butter. Also check to make sure that there are no alcohol based ingredients further down the list. In fact, there is a general rule of thumb for anyone who purchased Shea Butter body wash or any other product from wholesale Shea Butter source:

If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, chances are that it is a synthetic addition which could change the effectiveness of the Shea Butter.

Shea Butter Benefits