Various African Shea Butter Companies

African Shea Butter Companies can empower the local and national Economies. For those who are in love with using Shea Butter especially for the rich creamy and ultra moisturizing effect, you will need to look for products made by various African sheabutter companies and a good example is the one that is very aptly named the African Shea Butter Company.

Once you are confronted with the dizzying choices of different Shea Butter products, you will have a hard time making up your mind which product to choose.

Herbaceous And Delightful

Take for example one of the better products sold by the African Shea Butter Company that is known as Cape Chamomile and Lavender that is herbaceous and delightful as well as uplifting and this excellent baby butter will have you feeling and looking better though be aware that most Shea Butter products are very concentrated and that just one teaspoon of it will be enough to moisturize your entire body.

West Africa Shea Butter and Import Company

There are other African sheabutter distributors too that you can use for sourcing Shea Butter and one such is West Africa Shea Butter and Import CO. LLC (WASB), which is the sole manufacturing as well as processing company in the US with facilities in Burkina Faso in West Africa and WASB does not buy ingredients from secondary contractors or subcontracts production and is based in Forth Worth, Texas.

WASB aims to produce as well as provide the best quality in Shea Butter and with its close ties to its women workers in Burkina Faso every effort is made by this African sheabutter company to make the best as well as purest type of unrefined Shea Butter following techniques that have been passed down from generations and combining them with present day technologies.

Suppliers for African Shea Butter

There are plenty of suppliers for African Shea Butter and you can be sure to find many an African sheabutter company that is engaged in supplying pure as well as unrefined Shea Butter even in wholesale quantities. So, if you are looking for Alaffia Shea Butter, Shea Butter face creams and Shea Butter lotions as well as Shea Butter soaps you should check out Alaffia Fair Trade Shea Butter.

Since unrefined Shea Butter is very valuable as a natural resource for countries in West Africa you can be sure to find many African sheabutter traders that are helping their countries to empower the local as well as national economies.

The only trouble is that the trade practices are not so fair when dealing with countries in Europe as well as with the United States and those who are working hard hand crafting this excellent oil receive just a pittance and it is estimated that even in spite of working thirty hours in a week, the worker receives less than a dollar in the form of compensation.

African Shea Butter