Shea Butter Creams For Soothing And Healing

Shea Butter creams come in all sizes and shapes and manufacturers. There are scented and unscented creams, but they all are loaded with vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants for damaged and stressed tissues. Shea Butter cream will restore the qualities that allow control of skin moisture and healing by deeply nourishing the skin.

The natural Shea Butter cream is best for sensitive skin and people who suffer from allergies. It is 100% natural and does not contain any fragrance or dye. It smoothes evenly on the body and is completely hypoallergenic. Sheabutter cream can be used daily for rejuvenation and moisture protection.

Skin Problems

Many people suffer from skin problems such as psoriasis, athlete’s foot, chapped hands and lips, eczema, dry scalp, itchy skin, sunburn, peeling, dry complexion and much more. Sheabutter cream can be applied to the lips to help soften them or can be bought in lip balm form for consistent use.

There are whipped Shea Butter creams for the body and Shea Butter hair care products for the scalp to help reduce itchy dry skin. There are Shea Butter creams made specifically for all of the above skin problems and are very successful.

There are special creams that are made specifically for babies. These Shea Butter creams are unscented and used for diaper rash and baby acne.

Shea Butter comes from the Shea tree in West and East Africa. For centuries the women in rural villages have been using Shea Butter for many different things. They have used the bark for medicinal purposes. They boil the bark and ground them into creams and have made their own sheabutter creams for scrapes, burns and scars years before Westerners knew the Shea tree existed. They use the shells from the Shea nuts as mosquito repellant and they crush the nuts and manually take the Shea Butter out of them to make into their creams for their bodies.

Older women from these villages have almost flawless complexions and no wrinkles at all.

When skin care manufacturers discovered the Shea tree and its remarkable properties, Shea Butter cream exploded onto the Western marketplace. Practically every woman uses sheabutter creams today to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Women who use these creams consistently have extremely soft and healthy skin without any greasy residue. Babies have found a perfect and soothing way to rid themselves of diaper rashes.

It’s remarkable the wonderful health care remedies a little known tree in Africa could produce.


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