Shea Butter Lip Balm – Just The Natural, Healthy Solution

Shea Butter Lip Balm increases the ability of your lips to retain the moisture necessary to prevent chapping. Our lips take quite a beating and we have only ourselves to blame when it comes to the reasons why our lips become a chapped, sore and bleeding.

Going outside in windy, cold or hot weather tends to dry our lips out causing chapped areas. Stressing over an issue and worrying may cause us to bite or chew on our lips. The solution to retaining a kissable pair of lips is to apply a Shea Butter lip balm.

History Of Lip Protection

Lip balm protection has been around for over a century and while the invention was noble, the product itself was not very beneficial. The reason is that the first lip balm’s main ingredient was petroleum jelly. This petroleum product does not absorb through the skin and at best just serves as a barrier against the outside elements.

Petroleum based lip balm has no restorative properties and long term use of a petroleum jelly based lip balm can actually make lips worse simply because the lips are not getting the healing properties it needs. However, with Shea Butter lip balm, your Karite lips actually absorb the moisturizing properties, which promote healing. You can almost literally feel it working with the first swipe of the balm across the lips.

The Shea Butter Difference

Shea butter lip balm often has other natural ingredients, which help promote the healing of chapped lips like beeswax, olive oil and even vitamin E. The Shea Butter reacts differently from petroleum products in that it allows the skin to breathe whereas petroleum just lies there, forming an impenetrable barrier blocking skin absorption.

Sheabutter lip balm promotes elasticity in your lips and keeps them well hydrated, even if you have lip biting or chewing tendencies. Because Shea Butter has restorative properties, you can use it even on broken skin like a split lip. The skin will absorb the Shea Butter lip balm and it will feel virtually weightless, unlike a petroleum-based product.

Moisturizing And Healing Properties of Shea Butter

Whether you are a lip biter or a lip licker — two habits which can damage your lips — you can trust in the moisturizing, healing properties of Shea Butter. If you used a petroleum-based product on the same lips, you run the risk of trapping bacteria between the petroleum barrier and the affected lip. However, with a Shea Butter lip balm, it is absorbed trapping nothing, only promoting healing.

Ditch your petroleum based lip balms and seek out those with Shea Butter and other natural ingredients. You will enjoy hydrated, healthy lips as well as protection from the sun’s UV rays and not have to deal with the peeling mess that petroleum tends to leave behind as it hardens on your lips when exposed to air. Shea butter lip balm is just a natural, healthy solution


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