How Can Pure Shea Butter Help You?

You have been having a lot of problems with dry skin, and you have heard that Pure Shea Butter is really good for this sort of thing. You don't know whether you want refined or unrefined or whether you want Pure Shea Butter or Shea Butter mixed with other ingredients.

Advantages Of Pure Shea Butter

Pure Shea Butter is an extract from the Shea nut seed of the tree called Shea or Karite tree. The Shea tree can produce harvestable nuts for 100% pure Shea Butter even if it is already two hundred years old. The natural ingredients in Shea Butter are the reason for its effectiveness in personal care products like Shea Butter hand cream or Shea Butter lip balm.

Shea Butter Extraction – Choose The Traditional Method

When thinking about Shea Butter Extraction there are a number of choices that you will come up against some of which are traditional and some not and using chemical-free processes should always be preferred as you can reap a number of benefits from them since they are environmentally sustainable and the local knowledge can be put to good use and cultures can also flourish.

What’s Your Shea Butter Grade?

Why a Shea Butter Grade? Shea Butter has been around a while in various retail lotions, moisturizers and cosmetics but has only really caught the attention of the public recently. The reason is that the public has finally discovered the fact that Shea Butter can be an excellent moisturizing product with healing properties. However, it depends on the shea butter grade of your product as to how healing it can be for a variety of skin conditions.