Shea Olein, The Fountain of Youth

The most striking benefit of Shea Olein is that it can help to prevent skin disorders. In today’s world, people are searching for the fountain of youth. Anti-aging creams, soaps, lotions and potions are being marketed everywhere, as well as skin softening, anti-wrinkle and scar removing treatments. There are organic products and natural products and everything in between being sold to women. Two of the most often used ingredients in soaps and skin care lines are olive oil and shea butter oil.

But what really are the differences between olive oil and Shea Oil? Are they much different in design and does it make any real difference if you use one or the other?

The Olive

Olive oil is basically edible fruit oil that comes from the olive. Its major use is obviously as food. It is also a moisturizing and softening oil that is extremely compatible with human skin. It is perfect for stimulating and healing the skin, as well as firming and toning it. Olive oil is good for you because of its high content of monounsaturated fat and polyphenols.

The Shea Nut

Shea Butter comes from the Shea nut tree and is a light green or ivory colored. It is a natural butter that is extracted by crushing and cooking the nuts and manually pressing out the butter. Sheabutter is edible and used a great deal in chocolate as a substitute for cocoa butter. Shea olein is a highly effective emollient that moisturizes and retains elasticity of the skin. Sheabutter oil also slows down the skin’s cellular anti-aging degeneration. It improves and evens out the skin tone and also softens and protects dry, damaged skin and hair.

The Debate About Olive Oil and Shea Oil

In examining olive oil and sheabutter oil we can acknowledge that the two oils are extremely similar in nature. This ultimately explains why they are used in so many moisturizers and soaps worldwide. The market for both is very much in demand as women use products containing these ingredients religiously. Very thick Creams come from sheabutter oil vs. olive oil lotions, which are of a much thinner consistency.

Olive oil is many times added to shea butter products to add extra nutrients and softening properties. Perhaps the biggest difference in the debate of olive oil vs. sheabutter oil is sheabutter oil slows down the aging process by actually reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while olive oil is mainly used as a deep moisturizing emollient.

Shea olein is used extensively for people who are allergic to many of the chemicals that are in most other moisturizers and shea butter oil has a property that is very gentle to sensitive skin. It is also a very healthy oil to use on dry scalps. But both oils are used extensively in the world in moisturizers and body conditioning soaps and both are edible. Perhaps the women as well as the men of the world have found their fountain of youth and the debate of olive oil vs. shea oil should be considered a draw.

Shea Butter