Whipped Shea Butter Recipe – Making Unrefined Shea Butter fluffier

The technique in how to make whipped Shea Butter is consistency and the right ingredients. One of the most luxurious Shea Butter Recipes is whipped sheabutter. Usually, Shea Butter needs to be mixed with some other ingredients to be fluffier.

Some people though, whip African Shea Butter as is with no other ingredients of additives. Make sure to use 100% unrefined Shea Butter when you try to whip sheabutter since you get the full effect of the Shea Butter in this way.

What You Need

The ingredients to whip sheabutter are: Shea Butter, fixed carrier oils, cornstarch, and some fragrance if you wish. To whip sheabutter in the right proportion, you will need

  • 10 oz. of Shea Butter,
  • 6 oz. of the fixed carrier oils,
  • 2 tsps. corn starch and,

if you want to add some fragrance, somewhere around half an ounce of your favorite essential oil will do.

Whip It Good

Melt your Shea Butter in a large Pyrex bowl. You can do this effectively by using the double boiler method as soon as it is thoroughly melted, add the other ingredients into the Pyrex bowl. Stir well so as to mix them all together properly. Try to cool down the mixture by putting the Pyrex bowl on a bigger bowl filled with ice cubes. This procedure doesn't strip away the natural Shea Butter color.

You can start to whip Shea Butter even if it is still a little warm. The whipping action itself can cool it faster.

Initially, it will look as if there is no improvement as you whip it with a hand mixer for several minutes. The consistency of the Shea Butter will soon change to pretty much like cake frosting or whipped cream. As soon as it peaks, it is ready to be put into your sterilized jars.

Whipped sheabutter is always creamy and light on the skin. The beautiful and luxurious texture is great on the skin. You can also make your own according to your preferences in texture and fragrance. Learning how to get whipped Shea Butter can be advantageous to you if you are really interested in it.

Shea Butter Shea Butter Recipe